At Daily Delight®, quality is built into our foods through 20 specific procedures from the foods' original source to your pets' food bowl.

Our commitment starts from the selection of fresh and premium ingredients. Each single ingredient is analyzed and scrutinized for safety before being used in production. Inside our facility, hygiene is our top priority. Kitchens are cleaned and audited regularly to ensure compliance with the strictest standards of food safety.

We are highly committed to the quality and science of your pet’s nutrition. Each batch of food goes through stringent laboratory testing to ensure there are no contaminants such as Salmonella, E. coli, melamine and more. Beyond testing for contaminants, further tests are also conducted to ensure the food your pets will get, are nutritionally complete.

Down to packaging, we select reliable materials to maintain the quality and safety of our food during the transportation and throughout the entire shelf-life. Our commitment is that only the best products leave the facility and enter the market. We pride ourselves for food quality and safety that you and your pets can truly depend on.