Animal Planet動物星球(美國)

3 great reasons

why Best Choice is the pet lover's choice


100% natural

Made with only the highest quality natural ingredients.

No corn, no wheat, no by-products.


Fully balanced and nutritionally complete

Made to the highest standards. Fortified with vitamins and minerals and tailored to your breed size and age


Irresistible flavour!

Your pet will simply love the natural taste!


Animal Planet幼犬[3kg/10kg/23kg]

Animal Planet™ Puppy supports the healthy development of small breed puppies. Animal ..

HK$269.0 不含稅: HK$269.0

Animal Planet羊肉飯[3kg/10kg/23kg]

Animal Planet™ - Lamb & Rice have their own nutritional requirements. They need b..

HK$269.0 不含稅: HK$269.0

Animal Planet小型成犬[3kg/10kg/23kg]

Animal Planet™ Small Breed Adult has been formulated to support the long term health ..

HK$265.0 不含稅: HK$265.0

Animal Planet大型成犬[10kg/23kg]

Animal Planet™ Large Breed Adult has been specially tested for large breed dogs. Larg..

HK$531.0 不含稅: HK$531.0

Animal Planet年長犬[3kg/10/kg/23kg]

Animal Planet™ Senior Dog Chicken and Rice Formula provides super premium nutrition i..

HK$265.0 不含稅: HK$265.0